Hey Guys!

Another day, another dollar.  We’re almost mid-week now and starting on Thursday I’ll be house/dog sitting for a friend.  Luckily, she lives about 10 minutes from work so none of the following should occur over the next few days.  I will be in commuter heaven for the remainder of the week!

What could be so bad you ask?  Well, I was let out of work about 45 minutes early yesterday (no, this isn’t the bad part).  There are only 3 of us in the office this week, so it has been EXTREMELY quiet.  There’s pretty much no reason for me to even go in.  Such is life though.  Anyway, I quickly packed my things up and headed down the avenue to make the next train.  I was catching the 4:46.  Before I knew it, 4:46 came and went.  Then, it was 5, 5:10…WTH?!?!  The train finally pulled in and seemed to be moving extremely slow.  Two trains worth of commuters were crammed into one, because one of the trains had “mechanical difficulties”.  The ride seemed to take forever and I kept nodding off, as did the older gentleman sitting in the seat beside me.  I felt bad having to wake him up when we made it to my stop.

Throughout the ride, I noticed the sky become darker, just as had happened during my morning commute.  I had been lucky to have my umbrella with me then, but guess what genius left her umbrella at her desk?  Yep, I was starting to panic.  The fear of becoming drenched was filling me with dread.  I don’t think I ever shot off the train so fast.  I walked as fast as I could, pumping my arms as I hustled for the parking lot.  I made it through the wooded path, felt a drop, ran for the car shut the door and then this happened….

It’s all about timing, folks.  Had I had to stay at work until my normal time or if that annoying slow train had arrived even 30 seconds later than it did I would have been completely drenched!

After making a mad dash into my apartment, a night of lounging ensued.  My fridge isn’t really stocked right now, so I set aside what I knew I’d be taking for work the next day and then headed to my couch where I later passed out while watching tv.

Now, let’s retrace to today.  Most of my coworkers were out of the office, so my day was SLLLOOOWWWWW!  I drove in this morning and got in about 30 minutes early.  I also didn’t leave for lunch, so I was able to leave a little early.  All I can say is hallelujah!  I couldn’t wait for today to be over!!

Nothing interesting happened today, besides the tears I shed this morning.  So as not to bore you the way I was tortured for hours upon hours, my day of eats follows in pics.

Breakfast Fiber One with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Frozen Berries & a Side of Egg Whites

Lunch – Muscle Milk Light RTD and an (Unpictured) Pita

*Notice the wool sweater I wear since my office is an ice box, at least to me.  I also keep my foot heater on. Haha. 😉

Snack – Fat Free Chobani mixed with Sugar Free Jello (don’t judge) & a Perfect Nectarine

Sweet 'n' Juicy Perfection

Dinner – Turkey Meatloaf (from the Eating for Life cookbook) wrapped in a Low Carb Tortilla that was spread with some Laughing Cow Light & topped with Baby Spinach.  A side of Roasted Veggies rounded out the meal.

That’s all I’ve got!  Have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow!



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