July? Already?!

Hey There!

  Is it me or is this summer flying?!?!  Despite today bringing us closer to mid-summer, the weather was actually cooler than it’s been in quite some time.  The AC was on full blast in the office and I ended up turning my foot heater on.  The guys laugh at me because I always seem to be cold.  My car’s seat heater is on well into the summer.  Something must be wrong with me. 😉

Anyway, I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday.  I think the shock from the accident just got to me.  Today I’m just feeling a little run down, but much more like my usual self. 

Work seemed almost endless, even though I was constantly busy.  I had a backlog of work, since I left early yesterday.  I’m pretty much caught up now and tomorrow I’ll be able to head out for the holiday weekend with a clear mind.

This morning started out with getting my sweat on at the gym.  I SOOOO could have rolled over when my alarm went off at 5am, but Lisa started a morning workout challenge for herself and I decided I needed the same.  I’m always so tired after work and there are endless excuses not to go. Get it out of the way in the morning and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.  It’s just those initial few seconds of having to kick your butt out of bed and then it really isn’t so bad at all.  I’ve never walked out of the gym regretting a workout, but I have regretted not getting my booty there.  Day 1 of the July Workout Challenge was a success!  Now, I just have to keep it up!

I wish I could say something exciting happened today, but…..it so didn’t.  How dare work get in the way of me finding creative ways to fill my time!  I mean, really!! 😉

Don’t want to bore ya, so here’s a look at my day in eats.  A bunch of my favorites that at least made my day a delicious one!

Breakfast:  A raisin Food For Life english muffin spread with laughing cow cheese and a side of egg whites.

Breakfast at My Desk

Kind of looks like a smiley face, no? 🙂

 Iced hazelnut coffee and some water were also necessary.


Lunch: A salad from Katzenberg Kafe which included grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, cucumber & red onion on a bed of romaine.

Snack: Creamy Chobani mixed with sliced strawberries, mango (that I wrestled yesterday) and a sprinkle of blueberries.

Protein packed and berry good! 

Yep, I’m a dork!  At least I’ve come to accept and embrace it. 😉

I finished and I was still a lil hungry.

I then resorted to licking my container clean.

Notice the Finger Marks

Dinner:  Baked chicken wrapped around a mixture of spinach, fat-free ricotta, a lil parm & parsley was complimented with a side of wilted spinach and a sweet potato. 

I added garlic, onion, mushroom and a pepper confetti to the spinach. Twas yummy!

My meals were very colorful today. 🙂  There’s still one more to go, although, I’m not quite set on what it will be yet.

Now, it’s time to veg on the couch and stay on call for a friend who is on a Match date.  She need only text one letter to me and the “code red” operation will be set in motion. 

We’ve made it over the hump and past the hurdle.  Now, just get through Friday and let the festivities begin!!

Have a great night!



2 thoughts on “July? Already?!

  1. you’ve got killer hair!

    have you seen laughing cows new flavors?! I cant wait to try the chipotle one!

    and whoohoo for a morning workout! I didn’t go tot he gym b/c I’m house sitting and it’s in a weird place, but I did do a bodyweight circuit routine that I found on a blog for about 20 minutes! Go us ;). Thanks for doing it with me!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! It’s a blessing and a curse at times, but it is my favorite part of myself. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get old because I can’t imagine myself with shorter hair.

    I want to try that one too!! I haven’t seen them in the store yet, but my eyes are searching every time I reach that section of the dairy aisle. Let me know if you find them.

    Yay Us!! No, problem. Thank YOU for motivating me! Wish I lived near ya. Don’t need the gym to get a good workout in. Your body weight circuit sounds interesting. I think I’m going to make a little schedule for myself. I kind of feel like I want to work towards something, but not sure what yet. I have bad knees, so I don’t know if running is the best option, but I saw a routine in a magazine last night that I might try out. I’m just going to listen to my body.

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