Should’ve Played Hooky

It was the perfect day for it.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, I was over-tired and the little voice in my head kept saying “Just call in sick.  They’ll never know.”  I could have gone to the beach, walked the lake at the park or even skipped through the downtown area that I love, but the goody two shoes in me overpowered all else.  I pulled myself out of my slumber and started getting ready for work. 

I was that annoying kid back in school that rarely ever missed a day. I used to argue with my mom to let me go to school, even if I had a temperature.  Those were usually the only days I couldn’t convince her to let me go in.

Today, I should have listened to the little voice inside that wanted me to stay home.  I should’ve played hooky!  For whatever reason, I decided to drive today instead of taking the train.  This was only the second time since starting my job that I’ve driven in.  I think my body is a little worn out and I didn’t want to go through the walk to and from the station.  I had an hour and a half so I wouldn’t feel pressure in traffic.  I’d be able to take my time and get there without a problem.  Well, without a problem until the guy behind me decided NOT to pay attention. 

I had just about merged onto I-95.  I wasn’t in my car for more than 10 minutes.  Traffic was building in front of me and we had come to a halt.  I was sitting there for about 20 seconds or so, went to take a sip of my iced coffee and BAM I was hit from behind.  Coffee spilled down the front of my sunshine yellow dress and my body went into shock.  I’m kind of a sensitive gal and tears were brimming from beneath my eyelids.  I pulled my car over to the side of the highway and stepped out to find that my legs were like jello and my body was shaking. 

The guy was apologetic and seemed to be a nice person, even if he did just ruin my day.  We assessed the damage and it looks only to be a little surface scratch.  I took his information and got back into my car to head to work.  I guess I’m not the best actress though because as soon as my coworker saw me she knew that I was frazzled.  I definitely felt that way, but didn’t realize I looked it too.  Even the people at the bank made a comment when I went to make the company’s deposit.  I actually think that I’m still a little in shock. 

Don’t get me wrong, that was a horrible way to start my day, but the accident wasn’t going to stop my belly from grumbling.  After settling in at work for a bit, I headed to the kitchen to prepare my favorite breakfast sandwich, as of late. 

Egg whites & spinach were nestled between two halves of a Food For Life english muffin that had been slathered with some french onion Laughing Cow cheese.  So Good!!

I ❤ Veggies!

 After a few hours, the trip to the bank, entering data into our system and getting some filing done, I knew that I had to go home.  I was just so tense and ready to cry at any second.  My head has been hurting since I got to work.  I don’t think that I actually hurt myself in the accident.  The jerk from impact was very light.  I think the shock from everything just got to me.  I told my boss that I was heading out and before I knew it I was on my way back home.  I don’t think I’ll drive to work for a very long time!

Once home,  my belly decided it was hungry again.  I wanted something quick because the couch was also calling to me and my head just wanted to rest a little.  A ripe mango was sitting in my fridge and I decided that I would mix it in with some Chobani, a few cherries and a dash of cinnamon.  Let me tell ya, that sucker didn’t want to be eaten.  I literally wrestled with it in order to halve it.  Well, wrestling might be an exaggeration, but you get the point. 😉

I may have worked for my lunch, but it was delish!


Creamy Goodness

Now, I’m just going to relax for the remainder of the afternoon.  The only thing better would be someone to hug me and cuddle with me.

I’m thinking that the next time the little voice inside begs me to stay under the covers I might just have to listen.  It would be for safety’s sake, of course. 😉  I know my responsible side will win over most times, but sometimes I may just have to listen to my body.


4 thoughts on “Should’ve Played Hooky

  1. oh no I’m so sorry! I’m glad it was only minor though. Unfort, Ive been on the other side of the accident–the one doing the hitting and I’m sure the guy felt SO bad. Prob just as bad as you.

    Glad you put it behind of you and made the best of your dya.

  2. LOL. The only guys that approach me are very old, very young, or very weird. I think I’ve stopped fantasizing and I pretty much expect to be an old maid. 😉

    The good thing is that you have a hottie in reality! Perfect couple you guys are!!

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