Bring It On!

Good Morning Friends!

After a commute home where I must have said a million number of times “Why me?” and “It totally figures!”, I woke up this morning pumped and ready for the day to begin.  Not sure if that’s normal for someone who has a 4:30am alarm  buzzing her out of a deep sleep, but we’ll go with it for now.

Let’s back track to yesterday.  The weather up through lunch time was pretty much perfect.  Right after lunch I made the bank run and it was all down hill from there.  On my way back from the bank, I was startled out of a day-dream by a big, fat raindrop that landed right on my nose.  I looked up and the skies were starting to open.  I made a run for it under the canopies that certain stores had in their entryways.  I made it to my office right in the nick of time, as the clouds parted and the rain poured down.  Eventually, the rain tapered off and I thought I would be home free for my commute home.  I would later find out that I couldn’t be more wrong!

While reading during lunch this is what the weather was like:

This is what I trudged through during my commute.

Waiting For The Train

Definitely Wore The WRONG Shoes!!

I actually almost wiped out, on my way to the wooded trail I walk through!  There were an entire line of people following me and I would have been MORTIFIED if I actually hit the ground.  Luckily, I caught myself before that happened. Whew!

Oh, and that wooded trail I walk through…..

Almost Out!

Kind of Cullen-esque, no?  My luck there’d be no Edward or even a Jacob.  More like Victoria and her crowd. 😉


Finally, civilization!  I couldn’t wait to get to my car!!

My Face Says It All

Wouldn’t ya know that as soon as I pulled into my apartment parking spot the clouds parted and the sun shined right through.  Totally figures!

Oh well.  Ya win some-ya lose some!

I made it inside and was famished.  I was late getting ready for work and ran out without proper fuel for my body.  I was supposed to go to spin after work, but between the weather and starvation I knew I should cancel my reservation (which I did).  Even though I had veggies and hummus waiting for me as I prepped dinner, my hunger was already too far gone.  I ended up having my first eating snag in over 2 weeks.  I was disappointed in myself, but knew that would get me nowhere, so I’m just moving on and learning from the experience.

I’ve had a lot of emotional type stuff on my mind lately.  I don’t talk about it too much here, but obviously I’ve mentioned the strain between my father and the rest of my family.  He continues to do wrong by us and I have to hold back from telling him off because it will only bring negativity to everyone else involved.  I’m biting my tongue and trying to stay involved with other positive things.  I

‘m also beginning to question a certain relationship in my life.  It’s making me feel very insecure because I never get the answers I feel I’m looking for. Which brings me to my next thought….

When my friend and I got together on Saturday we decided that we’re going to make a list of things to do together that will keep us active, challenge ourselves, learn new things, have fun and put ourselves out there.  Each activity will be put into a bag or hat and pulled out at random.  That way, we won’t talk ourselves out of doing the activity.  We’re thinking of things like: hiking and having a picnic at our destination, going to the driving range, taking a cooking class, etc.  I think it’s a great challenge!

This morning, I made my way back through the wooded trail and got to the train just minutes before it pulled into the station.  I can already feel that today is going to be great!

Rain or shine, people filling my life with good or disappointing me, crazy busy at work or twiddling my thumbs…..I have the power to make my life the way I want it to be, no matter what hitches may occur during the journey.  I know the things I need to do to prevent mishaps like last nights eating problem.  Even with things that I don’t necessarily have control over, like someone being the person I want them to be in my life; I still have the power to react in certain ways that best suite me to be as positive as possible.  I say, “Bring it on!”

When you can’t change the direction of your wind — adjust your sails.”

Any good ideas for what my friend and I can add to our list of adventures this summer?  All thoughts are welcome! 🙂

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Bring It On!

  1. That sounds like a blast!

    hmm…you can add “go to an amusement park”, go to the zoo. I love doing both of those things.

    The trail you walked through is gorgeous. That’d actually make my day getting to walk through that before and after work. Very nice.

    Im glad you realized what caused the “eating snag” and arent stressing about it. My favorite saying when I feel a binge coming on is “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” I try to take a few minutes and just breathe.

    • Thanks for those options, Lisa. Kelly and I spent 12 HOURS at Great Adventure once. My feet were never the same. LOL. He just might have to go back this summer! I haven’t been to the zoo in….forever. That’s would be fun too!

      The walk to and from the train is nice, but when it’s raining I’m definitely miserable. I don’t want to think about winter yet. Fall will be beautiful though.

      That’s a good saying. Have you been able to completely get past the snags?

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