Is It The Weekend Yet???


Oh my, what a weekend!  Even though mine was three days I feel like I never stopped moving.  From cleaning out the disaster area, baking about 12 dozen cookies for my coworker, cleaning and studying it just seemed to be never-ending.  Work is almost a vacation compared to my weekend. “Almost” being the operative word.  😉

I felt bad not being able to post at all yesterday.  I’ll do a recap of the get together with my friend later on this evening. I also never got to pop in and tell you that when I weighed myself on Saturday the scale moved up 1.2 lbs.  I was disappointed, but didn’t let it get to me at all!  That’s a success for me!  The voices in my head actually rationalized things, for once.  My monthly friend will be paying a visit this week and I just contribute the move on the scale to that.  The best news of all is…..NO BINGES in TWO WEEKS!! 🙂

It’s a busy day here, but I wanted to say hello and wish you a good one.  I’ll be back later on to do a more detailed post.

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Is It The Weekend Yet???

  1. good job on the no binging! Thats the most important thing.

    and 1.2 lbs! Thats nothin. WAter, salt, not going to the bathroom, woman times–all of that can play a role.

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