Productive Friday

Man am I wiped out!  I never stopped moving the entire day.  Hours were spent in the second bedroom.  Time got away from me and the next thing I knew it was almost 4pm.  At that point I figured I probably should eat something.  I didn’t want to lose my momentum, so I grabbed the quickest thing possible.  Cottage cheese, which I later sprinkled with a lil splenda and cinnamon, along with a juicy nectarine. 

It gave me the energy I needed to finish off my project.  I made multiple trips to the dumpster and to the storage area.  I moved the bed around so that I could fit a nightstand next to it.  I need to get a different lamp, but I’m going with what I have right now.  No extra dinero to spend on anything, for the time being.  Here are my results….

SO MUCH BETTER!  I can even see the floor!  AMAZING!! Haha.  There are a few heavy boxes that I won’t be able to lift myself.  A friend offered to help me, so I’m waiting for his manly muscles to come over to lug my load down to the storage area. 🙂

I was just about done when I noticed UPS pulling down my street.  The dishes I ordered last weekend were here!  YES!!!  I had come home yesterday to find this stuck to my apartment door:

Signature Needed for Delivery

I was so disappointed that a signature was needed.  Thankfully, I had today off and knew that I wouldn’t miss the guy because I was stuck inside the entire day.  I barely waited for the UPS man to ring the doorbell and I quickly whipped my door open to accept my package.

There were 3 casualties. 😦 

Corner is Chipped

Kohl’s is right around the corner from my apartment.  I’ll return those tomorrow.  If they have replacements at the store I’ll buy them.  If not, I’ll reorder online.  No biggie. 

I don’t have much storage space in the kitchen.  I wanted to be able to display and use my new stuff, so I dragged my tired @ss into the kitchen to reorganize the cabinets, wash the new dishes and put everything away.

My Own Cookie Jar! Such a Dork!!

My tummy was grumbling as I was loading the plates into my cabinets.  As soon as I was finished I got to work on making dinner.  I created a wrap using a La Tortilla wrap, my leftover meatloaf, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, laughing cow cheese and salsa.  So good!

Wrapped Up on My NEW Plate!

I also cooked some zucchini, onion and garlic in a little chicken broth.  I topped it with a dash of parm!

My belly is much happier with me now.  My body is also thankful to finally be relaxing.

Now that everything is done, I’m so happy!  I can see the second bedroom from my living room.  I used to leave the door closed, keeping the disaster from my view.  You better believe that door is wide open now!  I keep looking in, thinking it all just might be a dream. 😉

Time to chill out on my couch.  I have a lot recorded on my dvr, but I may search for a movie to watch.  Not really feeling what’s recorded.  We’ll see.

Hope your Friday went smoothly!  Cheers to the weekend!!



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