He Never Fails

I swear, my father never fails….never fails in disappointing me.  He’s INFURIATING!  I just spoke to him yesterday, trying to make things a little bit better with the drift that has made itself known in our relationship over the past 10 years.  At the end of the conversation I said, “Dad, you know I love you, right?”  He said, “You always say that Kimberly, but then 5 seconds later you aren’t speaking to me again.”  I thought to myself that it’s because “5 seconds later” he does something to ruin the relationship AGAIN.  I didn’t say it though because the call was to acknowledge him on Father’s Day, not start a fight.  Well, he didn’t disappoint today folks.  My blood is boiling!!!

Whew! Felt good to get that out!  I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty on here, but I guess that some things will never change.  I can only know not to expect much of him.  I’d much rather keep the memory of him from my youth and just forget what’s happened in the more recent past.  Sometimes, my memory is my own worst enemy though.  I have a really good one and things come to mind quite clearly, even when I don’t want them to.

Enough about that though, right?  Today at work was CRAZY from beginning to end.  I never got to run out for my lunch break.  I looked longingly out the window during the few seconds I had to wolf down my lunch.  Then, it was back to business.  I know tomorrow is going to be another crazy one, but I’m hoping that it won’t be quite as hectic. 

My day started off on the right foot, at least.  I woke up early to get some cardio in, prepped all my meals (no almonds, muscle milk or apple today…hurray!),  and made it to the train station with time to spare.  I really should have eaten something before leaving my apartment, but didn’t feel hungry until I got on the train. 

As I walked through the office, I waved a quick hello to my coworkers and breezed passed them to get to the kitchen.  I wanted to toast up my Food For Life english muffin (my fave) so I could throw it together with some egg whites and spinach that I had made at home.   A smear of a French Onion Laughing Cow cheese wedge on each muffin half made my sandwich delectable!  Oh. My. Goodness.  Forget Red Bull, I think my breakfast gave me wings. 😉  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will most definitely keep this as a staple breakfast during the work week.

The rest of the day is kind of just a blur.  I was more than a little bit overwhelmed.  We had a ton of distribution checks being mailed out and there were multiple addresses in the system for many of the people receiving envelopes.  I couldn’t really close my eyes and randomly pick an address.  I’m a perfectionist, remember.  I like to do things right the first time.  So, anxiety rolled in, but I made it out alive. 

Lunch was thrown in there at some point.  I didn’t really get to enjoy it, but it was tasty.  I mixed some tuna with a lil avocado and hot dog relish (don’t judge).  Then, tossed it with a salad. I brought a Fage and some of my fresh fruit with me, but never had a chance to eat it.

So, you must know that by the time I made it home I was STARVING!  I reheated some of the spinach & parm meatloaf from the other night, toasted a low carb wrap and made some zucchini marinara as a side.  I drizzled some of the sauce over the meatloaf before wrapping it up and inhaling it all.

Monday Mini Goals-

I didn’t forget that today is Mini Goal Monday!  Last week my goals were to:

  • Post on my blog at least 1x/day.  Completed
  • Finish the 2nd unit of my nutrition book.  Halfway There
  • Start reading Intuitive Eating. Completed (Only 1 Chapter Left!)
  • No binges. Completed!!!! MAJOR SUCCESS!!
  • Workout 5x this week. Epic FAIL!
  • Try yoga. No Go
  • Try 1 new recipe. Completed
  • Only weigh myself on Saturday. Completed!
  • Organize my 2nd bedroom (aka…disaster central) Nope
  • Tuck away at least $100 from my next paycheck. Completed
  • *I’d say that was a pretty successful week, no? 🙂  The things that make me the happiest are not having binged at all (wasn’t even a thought) and that I stayed off the scale.  Going to give it another shot this week.  I’m going to take whatever I didn’t complete and move it over to this next week.

    Mini Goals for 6/21-6/27:

    1. No Binges.
    2. Only weigh myself on Saturday.
    3. Workout 5x this week.
    4. Try yoga.
    5. Sign up for a dance class.
    6. Clean out/Organize my second bedroom.
    7. Try another new recipe.
    8. Finish the 2nd unit of my nutrition book and start the 3rd.
    9. Become more organized, in general. (Start using my calendar would be a good start)
    10. Set up a financial planning book.

    Alright friends, I am out of steam!  Time for this granny to turn off the lights and relax a little.  Hopefully, I won’t pass out watching tv.  I hate waking up at 2am to drag myself to bed.

    Have a great night!



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