Saturday Success

It’s late and I’m a teeny bit tipsy.  Please give me a pass for my rambling and possible spelling errors.  😉 

So, it’s been one week of not stepping on the scale.  One week of no binges.  I woke up this morning knowing that I could weigh in today and was honestly a little scared.  I kept thinking that maybe I shouldn’t.  I was worried that if the weight didn’t change or if I had gained a pound (gasp) I would have freaked out and gone back to my dieting ways.  Eventually, I pulled the scale out from the closet I tucked it in.  I hesitated as I stepped on and literally closed my eyes for 20 seconds before looking down.  I lost three pounds!  All these years of being restrictive and harping on every single calorie made me crazy.  One week of listening to my body and eating what I wanted (within reason) and I lost weight.  I wish I knew this 10 years ago!  Better late than never at all. 

Those 3lbs plus the 2lbs I had already lost from when I initially started the blog made me think that I should try on  a pair of jeans that had gotten a little snug.  I pulled those suckers out of my closet and slid one leg in.  The other followed and they went straight up! Success!! 

I did a little happy dance and then got moving because there was a lot I needed to get done today.  Before heading out, I made a breakfast of banana stove top oats.  I mixed some cottage cheese in for a protein kick.  I haven’t made oats on the stove in years!  They came out thick and creamy.  I forgot how much better they can be when cooked this way.  


After eating, I was out of my apartment for the rest of the day.  I drove all over creation, trying to hit sales I had heard about.  I bought a new plate set, which I ended up ordering online, instead of at the store.  I had never seen the line before, but it seemed picked over when I got to Kohls.  I decided to come home quickly and order online so that I could still get the sale price.  I’m so excited and can’t wait for the package to come!  You know I’ll share with ya when it does. 🙂 

If you noticed, I didn’t have my usual coffee with my breakfast today.  That’s because I knew it was hot out and that I was going to want an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  I may have been on a mission for sales, but iced coffee I did have. 



So Good

Don’t worry.  I was parked. 😉 

I then hit up Whole Foods. I was only going to get my favorite english muffins, but I ended up with two bags worth of goods.  Here’s what I ended up getting along with the english muffins: 







I already got into the fruit this afternoon, as an addition to my snack.  I’ve been eating so much frozen fruit that I forgot how delicious fresh berries can be.  I can’t wait to use them tomorrow with my pancakes!! 




Plus, some cherries for good measure.  I mean, someone’s got to try them to make sure they’re sweet, right? 


Tonight, I headed off to a bbq.  Sadly, no pictures were taken.  Only the person I went with knows of my blog right now.  I promise I’ll be more comfortable with it in due time.  Just know that yummy food and drinks were consumed.  As a result of those drinks, this chick needs to head to bed. 

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! 




2 thoughts on “Saturday Success

  1. fantastic! see IE really does work–plus you are a lot happier huh!

    oh, I love those ezekial english muffins too! Id totally go get some, but Im trying to eat out of my freezer and pantry before I move so tryin to eat what I’ve got. Boring.

  2. It truly does! I was hesitant because I have so many years of dieting behind me. I thought it was going to take me a long time to break all of my rules. I know that I still do some calculations in my head and sometimes second guess certain things, but I’m SO MUCH better off than I was a week ago. Amazing! Definitely a lot happier. I can focus on the things in life that SHOULD be focused on!

    When do you move? Good idea waiting. You’ll have them in your life again before you know it. I love them too, but they don’t carry them at my local grocery stores. I made a special trip to get them every so often.

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