Delicious X2

Happy Friday!

Have you done your happy dance yet?  I know I have! 😉  Despite the great weather and the fact that it’s the last day of the work week, I haven’t been feeling the greatest today.  Quite suddenly my body started to shake at work.  I’m not sure if it was the strong coffee I drank, my body adjusting to my food intake or my nerves (I was a little overwhelmed with some new tasks).  Whatever the case, I feel better now than I did this morning and am going to take it easy tonight.  I’ve been horrible about getting enough sleep, so maybe my body needs a little break.

Before I go chill in front of the tube, I wanted to post pics from two delicious meals I had today.

As I got ready this morning there was one thing that kept popping into my mind….WAFFLES!  I threw two whole wheat waffles into my bag along with some Fage, frozen strawberries and sugar free syrup.  The top of my syrup bottle was sticking out of my bag and I kept wondering if others waiting for the train noticed.  I mean, it isn’t quite the norm to be carrying syrup around with ya.  I decided to keep that bottle at work so I don’t have to lug it back and forth whenever I’m in the mood.  I’ll even share with my coworkers, if they want.  Although, I’m pretty sure that sugar free isn’t the route that any of them take.  The offer still stands though. 🙂

With those four ingredients I came up with this delicious creation to start my day.

You know what else there was, right? 😉


All Together Now

All I can tell ya is that this plate of deliciousness will become a regular meal for me.  I can’t believe I’ve never thrown it together before!

The remainder of work, lunch and my snack were nothing to write home about.  Just the norm and I’m pretty sure you’re sick of seeing pics of Muscle Milk, almonds and apples.  One mini goal for next week will definitely be to prep my lunches the night before.  Quite honestly, I’m sick of eating those things too.  They’re just the quickest to grab as I’m rushing out the door.

Middle of the day may have been “blah”, but dinner most definitely wasn’t going to let me down.   I mixed a few recipes together to make a Spinach & Parm Turkey Meatloaf.  I wish you guys could smell what I did as this was cooking.  The anticipation was killing me and the first bite didn’t disappoint.  I decided to run with the parm theme in the meatloaf by sprinkling some onto a side of zucchini, onions, mushroom and tomato.  A little garlic added just what it needed.  To complete the meal, was none other than a potato baked to perfection. 

There ya have it!  Even though mid-day was mediocre, my day started and ended deliciously.  Delicious x2, I’d say.  Now, I’d be lying if I told ya dinner is where it’s going to stop.  I almost always have a small treat before bed, which may just make this day delicious x3. 😉

It’s definitely time for this run down chick to relax.  Hopefully, I’ll be feeling 100% in the morning so I can get my millions multitude of errands crossed off my list.  Saturday stat update will also be tomorrow.  Can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve stepped on the scale.  That’s quite the accomplishment for me.

Have a wonderful night and I’ll talk to ya tomorrow!



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