Hey Guys!

Happy Wednesday to ya!  For the life of me, I couldn’t get it engrained in my mind that it was actually mid-week.  I kept thinking today was Tuesday, for some reason.  Better off thinking it was Tuesday than Thursday.  Dont’cha hate when you’re a day ahead of yourself, only to come to realize that you still have an additional day to get through before the weekend?  Hate that.

Anyway, blue doesn’t describe my mood today, the color of the dress I wore, nor does it reflect the color of the sky, which ended up being gray and overcast all day.  However, blue WAS the color of my oats this morning.  Lately, I seem to be oh so slow getting ready for work.  Prepping for my meals for the day ends up being very rushed.  During this morning’s chaos, I threw some frozen blueberries into a container with my All Whites and headed out the door.  When I pulled the container out of my bag, the liquid was purely blue!  I got a few crazy looks from my coworkers.  I’m sure they already thought I was weird, but this must have topped it.  I mixed some oats in with my blue concoction and ended up with a deliciously, fluffy bowl of blue protein oats. 🙂

My Blue Oats

The Blue Was More Noticeable in Person

Of course, you know coffee was consumed.  Two cups were necessary this morning, for some reason.  I’m always cold and they definitely kept me warm.  It took me FOREVER to get the blue stains to wash off the white bowl.  I may have to rethink that next time.

After some check writing, data entering, blog reading, and filing it was time for my lunch break.  Walking to work this morning I already knew I was going to head up to Starbucks for my break.  I’m really getting into the Intuitive Eating book.  It’s as if they got inside my head and were able to put the scenarios I go through on paper.  I just wanted to get into a comfy chair with a nonfat misto and read….and so I did.  I may have done some people watching as well. 😉  There were a number of “interesting” characters.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Sometimes I have a hard time focusing when that is the case, but it wasn’t an issue today.

Nonfat Sugar Free Vanilla Misto....My Fave

Misto + Good Book = Perfection

I had to stalk the comfy chair area before I got a good seat by the window.  I almost ran the old man over as he got up to leave so I could snag the chair before any other comfy chair stalkers did.

A few more hours of work, a 35 minute train ride standing, a hike through the woods, and some singing to the radio in my car brought me to the end of my time away from home sweet home.  I dropped my things onto the floor and got to cookin’. 

Since it was a little chilly and so crummy out, I wanted some warm comfort food.  Carba Nada Noodles with a turkey, mushroom, spinach and garlic Bolognese fit that description for me.  It was just what I needed!  I topped it with a pinch of parm and devoured it!

Time to get into some sweats and relax.  Only 2 more days of the work week and then onto the weekend!

Have a great night!



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