Goals Galore!

Good Afternoon & Happy Monday to Ya!

Somehow the weekends pass way too quickly for me.  Before I know it, it’s Sunday night and I’m wondering how it could be possible.  It’s all good though.  The program I use at work was finally fixed right before I left on Friday.  So, I was able to get work done this morning.  At least I know my day will pass more quickly now.

The wedding on Saturday turned out to be great.  My date is the only person that knows about the blog, so I didn’t take pictures of all of the food.  Pretty soon I know I’ll feel more comfortable to whip my camera out and take pictures of whatever my heart desires. The food actually was quite delicious.  I had a little bit of everything and was satisfied.  During the Venetian Hour, I was circling one of the dessert tables, trying to figure out what I wanted.  I noticed the little girl in front of me taking just about one of everything.  I laughed to myself thinking that this was probably a child’s dream to have so many desserts at her fingertips.  By the looks on many of the adults’ faces, it just might have been their dream come true, too.  😉

Yesterday, I took my measurements and tucked them away for a month from now, when I’ll remeasure myself.  The urge to weigh myself was very strong yesterday, but I stayed away from the scale.  Yay me!  I think it will get easier the longer I stay off of it.

So, if you recall, I made some promises on Saturday.  I also mentioned that I wanted to list some of my goals.  Some are short-term, while others will take longer.  I like Tina’s idea of “Monday Mini Goals” and I’m going to jump on the bandwagon.  By Sunday, I’ll (fingers crossed) be able to show you that I have accomplished all my mini goals, which should keep me on track to accomplishing my long-term goals.

What are these goals, you ask?

Long Term:

  1. Get into the groove with writing my blog.
  2. Get my health & wellness certification.
  3. Lose 15 lbs, to get back to my happy weight from last summer.  I’d like to do this by the HLS, in August.
  4. Be more consistent with my workouts.
  5. Be able to do unassisted pull-ups.
  6. Try new things (classes in: dance, yoga, photography, wine, cooking, etc).
  7. Meet new people.
  8. Go on vacation (haven’t been in over 12 years!!).
  9. Treat myself to nice things (clothes, mani/pedi, etc) every so often.  I tend to not splurge on myself.
  10. Get my finances in order (pay off credit cards, start to save, etc).

Monday Mini Goals (6/14-6/20):

  1. Post on my blog at least 1x/day.
  2. Finish the 2nd unit of my nutrition book.
  3. Start reading Intuitive Eating.
  4. No binges.
  5. Workout 5x this week.
  6. Try yoga.
  7. Try 1 new recipe.
  8. Only weigh myself on Saturday.
  9. Organize my 2nd bedroom (aka…disaster central)
  10. Tuck away at least $100 from my next paycheck.

*Each of my mini goals should be helpful in reaching some of my long-term goals.

So, what are some of your goals?  Is there anything that’s been a goal for what seems like forever that you just haven’t tackled yet? Being able to do unassisted pull-ups is something I’ve wanted to do FOREVER.  I’m almost there!

Time for this girly to get back to work.  Only about 3 hours left and then I’m outta here!!

Hope you’re having a great day!



6 thoughts on “Goals Galore!

  1. Thanks, Erin! I agree! I’ve definitely overwhelmed myself in the past. It only ended up holding me back because the step seemed so large. I tried to make mini goals that would help me to reach the bigger goals, eventually. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Intuitive Eating. This has controlled way too many years of my life. I’m over it and ready to move on and start truly living! The scale needed to go!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy to hear from you! 🙂

  2. Nice goals! I think they are achievable, especially if you break the long term goals down to accomplish them.

    I’d like to get back into running… that’s pretty much my only goal. No distances or times or anything, just running!

  3. I think that’s a great goal, Mary. See where it takes you. You might start running again and decide to up the ante. 😉 I think it’s always good to have goals and push ourselves, within reason.

    Thanks for stopping by. I love visitors. 🙂

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