Can’t Get Movin’

Happy Saturday Everyone!

It’s a crummy day, weather-wise, here in CT.  All I want to do is get wrapped up in a blanket and lounge for hours.  I should really be out getting my list of errands accomplished, but I can’t seem to get myself movin’!  My morning has been filled with cleaning out my dvr and fixing up a yummy breakfast of a breakfast burrito, a veggie sausage and a hot mug of coffee. 

In My Breakfast Burrito: 3 Egg Whites, Spinach, Tomato, Onion, Red Pepper, 1 Sliced Veggie Sausage & a pinch of 2% Shredded Cheese.  I then doused it with some Frank’s Red Hot before devouring.

My belly is starting to forgive me for yesterday.  😉

I think that I’m going to make Saturdays “Stat Saturdays”.  I happen to be one of those gals who weighs herself daily.  I know this isn’t good mentally for me.  A good number on the scale can have me walking on sunshine while a bad one has me down in the dumps all day.  I’m not going to let a stupid number dictate how my day is going to play out.  Instead of weighing daily, I’m only going to weigh on Saturdays.  Once a month I will take my measurements and post those, as well.  I’m not sure if I will post my numbers or if I’ll let you know if the number has moved (+/-) by a certain amount.   My stats will also include the number of times I made it to the gym and whether or not I had a binge.  What do you think? 

I’m hoping that this will keep me accountable.  It’s funny because there are only a few of you that I actually know.  If it weren’t for a little stat section in my WordPress program I might think that I’ve been talking to myself over the past few weeks.  Amazingly, that isn’t the case!  I don’t like to disappoint others and I think the fact that others will be reading about my experiences will help keep me in line.    Making promises here helps keep me true to myself, if that makes any sense.  Sometimes I’ll state something here and not particularly be in the mood to do it, when the time comes.  However, the promise keeps replaying in my head and eventually I get it done.

So, these are my promises:

  1. I will weigh myself only 1x/week.
  2. The number on the scale will not dictate how my day will go. (I’ve already gotten a lot better about this over the years)
  3. Measurements will be posted 1x/month.
  4. Total number of workouts will be posted weekly.*
  5. I will admit to whether I had a problem with a binge 1x/week.

*Tomorrow I will be posting goals for the week, which will include the number of workouts I plan on getting in. 

Now, for my stats…I started this blog weighing 142 lbs.  This morning my scale said 139.5.  Hurray!  I’m so happy to be back in the 130s again!!  Now, if there were no change I can still tell you that I would have been happy today.  After all the dress twirling yesterday morning, I feel confident in how I look in my dress.  My weight today wouldn’t have changed that.   I love getting dressed up.  It makes me feel pretty!  I forgot to take measurements before breakfast this morning, so I will post those tomorrow.  Not even my pinky toe will make its way onto my scale until next Saturday.  Pinky Swear!

Well, it keeps getting darker and darker outside.  I better get out there to do my thing before the heavens part and wash me away during my errand run.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a ton of goals and possibly a new recipe I’m thinking of trying.



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