My Promise Held Me To It

 Hey Guys!

Happy Friday!!  Hopefully, you have a nice long weekend ahead of you.  I know I’m looking forward to mine!  The weather here is supposed to be great!!  Bring on the sunshine and the warmth.  This girl is ready for it!

Love Me Some Sunshine

So, I have to be honest with you.  My heart still isn’t in the right place today.  I got out of work a few hours early and sat sulking on my couch for a while, even though the sun peaked through the clouds and was calling for me to come out and enjoy it.   Instead, I flipped through the latest issue of Shape magazine, which came in the mail today.  There’s  write-up about Meghann in it.  You should definitely check it out, if you already haven’t!  I’ve never met or spoken to Meghann, but she feels like a friend just from reading about her life in her blog.  I’m looking forward to meeting her at the Healthy Living Summit, this August!  Head on over to read her blog for yourself and tell me what you think.

Ok, onto my day.  I arrived at work and the smell of freshly baked bread was in the air.  Remember that restaurant that we had to evict earlier in the week?  Well, they never cancelled their bread delivery service.  My coworker ran down to grab the bread and became our hero.  We divvied it up between the 6 of us and walked away with our freshly baked loot.  My family is sure going to be happy this weekend when I come bearing treats.  🙂

Breakfast was simple and light.  I spread a french onion flavored Laughing Cow cheese wedge over a Kim’s Light Bagel and paired it with some Muscle Milk Light, for a balanced breakfast.  Of course, I had to have a cup of coffee to make it complete!


Perfect Pairing

We were told early in the day that they’d be letting us out early.  Instead of eating lunch at the office and prolonging my stay; I decided to get through all of my work and eat lunch at home.  I bounded out the office door at 2:05 and was on a train home at 2:13.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one that remembered the traffic nightmare from last year.  The train was PACKED!  I stood the entire ride and felt like a canned sardine.  By the time we got to my stop I didn’t feel like making the hike back to my car, through the wooded, uphill trail.  There was only one way for me to get home though, so up the trail I went.  Luckily, I only live about a 5 minute drive from the parking lot where I keep the car and I was home in no time flat!!

Almost immediately upon getting home I threw a grilled chicken salad together.  I used some red pepper hummus, instead of dressing.  There also might have been an unpictured apple. 😉

Such a Camera Hog!

Then, I let my mind and heart get the most of me.  To the couch I went.  At least the Shape magazine kept my mind off of things.  Eventually, my stomach grumbles got the best of me.  I made my way to the kitchen to whip up a turkey burger and a small side salad.  Fire roasted peppers, made this burger extra special.  A sprinkle of gorgonzola and a dressing made of spicy mustard and balsamic vinegar added a kick to the salad.  De-Lic-Ious!!  My tummy thanked me for it.

My promise was really weighing on me, by that point and I knew it was time to pull out my laptop and fulfill it.  I feel much better for it now!

Tonight, I’m staying in and laying low.  I foresee some protein “ice cream” in my future (pics and recipe to follow tomorrow).  I’m thinking it’ll be a blend of chocolatey banana deliciousness that I’m really looking forward to.

I hope this post finds you well!  Have a wonderful night and a fab weekend!  Now, I’m off to watch a little of this….

Ghost Whisperer



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