“It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been”

Hey There!

Look what was waiting for me when I got home today!

Christmas in May!

What Could Be Inside?

 Wonder what was in the package?  Keep reading to find out!  😉

Man am I beat!  I think the heat really got to me over the past few days.  I’m feeling more than a little run down.  I actually felt like a zombie as I dragged myself out of bed this morning.  I was out of it for the majority of the day, but I survived. 🙂

Today wasn’t the best day for me to be feeling out of it.  I started this job less than a month ago and I’m still learning the ropes.  The day felt like a whirlwind with all of the new processes I was learning and also the back up work I had, since yesterday I was doing inventory.  Luckily, I have the best partner in crime at the office.  We were trying to figure something out in the system and made a complete mistake.  The two of us turned to each other with a surprised expression on our faces and then preceded to break out in hysterics.  I feel very fortunate to have found this job and to be working with the people I’m working with.  If they only knew the environment I came from they’d realize how much I truly appreciate where I am now.  Of course, I miss some of my friends from my former company (Hi Bincy & Michelle!!), but overall this was a really good move for me.

Ok, onto the eats.  Breakfast was another creamy bowl of oatbran. 

Cinnamony Goodness

Delicious & Nutritious

In Today’s Bowl:

  • 1/3c Oatbran
  • 1/4c All Whites
  • 3/4c Water
  • 1/4 scoop Cinnamon Flavored Protein Powder
  • A few dashes of cinnamon for an extra cinnamony flavor 🙂

That bowl of deliciousness held me over for hours.  I wasn’t feeling so hot at lunch and decided on something light and simple.  A vanilla Muscle Milk Light RTD and a Fuji apple did the trick.  So not creative, but it was exactly what I needed today.  I might or might not have taken a bite of that apple before taking a pic.  We’ll never know. 😉

I headed outside to read again, but after 30 minutes in the heat I was ready to come back into the air-conditioned office.  Before I knew it, work was over and I was on my way home.  That’s when I came across my package and 4 wonderful magazines that I can’t wait to delve into.  I was barely in my door before I was ripping that box open.  It took all that I had in me to wait and take a picture before doing so.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! 

Still wondering what was in the box?  First, let’s get through dinner and then I’ll divulge. 😉  Here’s a hint though.

Do You Know What This Could Be?

I had some chicken marinating in the fridge overnight and stuck those suckers onto my trusty George Foreman.  They were cooked to perfection and were laid over some parmesan couscous.  On the side, I had some of the leftover balsamic roasted broccoli which I threw together with some mushrooms.  Dinner. Of. Champions!  Delicious!

Ok, now what you’ve all been waiting for!  What was in the stinkin’ box??????

So Happy It's Finally Here!

My AFPA Materials...Can't Wait To Get Started!

It’s my health and wellness certification course that I’ve been pondering over for months and months!!  Last week, I decided now was the time.  I made the commitment to starting this blog, got tickets to the Healthy Living Summit this August (Yay! SO EXCITED!!) and getting my certification.  You see, nutrition and wellness are something I’ve been interested in for as long as I can remember.  After losing the initial weight when I was younger, I really wanted to major in nutrition; however, I didn’t.  You know why?  Remember how I told you that I’m a pleaser?  Well, my parents didn’t think it was the best idea for me to go into nutrition.  They felt it was already too much a part of my life.  In my mind, I thought it was the perfect major for me.  I had already gone through my own experience with weight troubles and really wanted to be able to help others.  I knew where they were coming from and could relate to them.  Plus, the plain facts of it all were just interesting to me.  Well, I listened to my parents and didn’t major in nutrition. That decision has haunted me ever since.

The quote “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”  by George Eliot, reminds me that I never have to stop pursuing what will make me happy.  At this stage of my life, going back to school to become an RD is out of the question, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options for me to be able to pursue my passion and to be able to help others, the way I have always wanted to.  This year I am challenging myself to do all of the things that I have held back on.  Many times, I scare myself out of any ideas that I may have. Not this year!!  No matter how old we get, we never have to give up on ourselves.  Yes, as adults we need to be responsible and take care of our responsibilities. Financially, I couldn’t give up my full-time job in order to pursue being an RD.  I knew that and it frustrated me, but there’s always another way.  Don’t give up on yourself and the things that make you who you are.  You’ll be happier for it in the long run!

Time to get comfy and watch some tv.  Speaking of tv, how did I forget that The Biggest Loser Finale was on last night?!?!?!  I apologized to the Housewives and watched Loser, instead.  Now, I will really watch the ladies from NJ in action.  Have a great night!



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