99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall – 99 Bottles of Beer….

Hey Guys!

With the work day behind me and the thought that tomorrow will already be mid-week, I’m a very content girl.  It could also be because I just made myself a big ‘ol bowl of pasta with a turkey and veggie Bolognese sauce and devoured it on the spot.  Whatever the reason, I’m sitting pretty on my couch.  An old episode of Charmed is playing in the background.  Anyone else used to like that show? 

The Original Charmed Sisters


Let me re-track to yesterday though, because I never did get to write about the rest of my day.  If you remember, it was dreary out and I wasn’t planning on heading outside for my break.  About 10 minutes after I made that decision, the clouds parted and the sun came out in full force.  I nixed my original idea and headed out to the park to get some glorious Eclipse reading in.  The sun was so strong that by the time I made it to the park the benches were already bone dry.  I sat for about 30 minutes.  It was nice to take in some sun, read and people watch for a little.  Yes, I’m a people watcher.  😉 

Enjoyed Some Eclipse Time


My Reading Surroundings



I got through the rest of the day, hoofed it to and from the train and then came home to pass out on my couch.  Just wasn’t feeling the best last night.  I kept trying to stay up to watch The Real Housewives of NJ, but my eyelids wouldn’t allow it.  Guess that means I know what I’ll be watching before bed tonight. 🙂 

Ok, back to today.  I practically skipped off of the train this morning.  The weather was beautiful here and I was looking forward to my walk to the office.  The peaceful walk wasn’t in the cards for me though.  A call from a co-worker make me quicken my step.  I work for a real estate investment, development and management company.  One of our tenants (a restaurant) was being evicted and I had to start taking inventory.  Ok, so there weren’t 99 bottles of beer on the wall, but there were 66 bottles in the cooler.  Does that count? 😉 While there were no beer bottles on the wall, there sure were a lot of empty wine bottles that they used as decorations.  That and the over 190 glasses, amongst other things, filled the wall space, instead.  

Today actually was a very interesting day.  I was practically chained to my desk at my last company.  I was lucky when I got to go to the bathroom there.  Things are much different where I am now.  I just never know what the day is going to bring. 

Since I got right into things this morning, I didn’t realize until about 1:30 that I hadn’t had anything to eat all day.  I wasn’t feeling the lunch I brought.  So, I used my breakfast for lunch, instead.  I did say that I love my breakfasts, right?  Creamy oatbran mixed with my cinnamon protein powder and half of a sliced banana hit the spot and stopped my hunger pangs in their tracks! 

Breakfast for Lunch at My Desk


Clearly, I Must Have Hated It 😉


Once I finished eating I was able to knock out the remainder of my work duties and then was surprised by being allowed to head home early.  Such a lucky girl I am. 🙂  I skipped on back to the train and caught the 4:13.  My early arrival home allowed me to make that delicious bowl of pasta that I spoke about earlier.  

A bowl of Carba Nada noodles, roasted garlic pasta sauce, extra lean ground turkey and some veggies = one full and happy belly for me.  



Mmmm....Straight to My Mouth


Now, I’m going to sit and let this digest.  Then, a friend and I are going to pick up a tv to bring over to my mom’s place.  After that I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be lounging on the couch watching those Housewives I missed out on yesterday. 

My Guilty Pleasure


Have a great night! 




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