Monday Morning Blues

Hey Guys!

Monday again, already.  I knew it would get here in a flash!  My groggy eyes slowly opened this morning.  I just wanted to roll over and pull the covers over my head.  Instead, I forced myself to get up.  I had already pushed the snooze button one too many times, which led to rushing through my normal weekday routine.  I take the train to work, because traffic is a nightmare.  I raced through the wooded trail, by foot, and made it to the train with a few minutes to spare.

I got on the train and no seats were available, so I stood for about half the ride, reading Eclipse.  I can’t wait for the movie to come out next month!  The second part of the ride was uneventful and before I knew it I was out in the pouring rain, for my half mile walk from the train station to the office.

Breakfast was consumed almost immediately after walking in the door. 

Now, I’m just settling in.  Soon, it will be time for my lunch break.  I’m definitely not heading back out into the dreariness, that I can see from my window.  So, some more reading about Bella, Edward and Jacob it will be.  I’ll just turn my little foot heater on in the conference room and cozy up to my book, after eating.


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