Jumping on the Pancake Bandwagon

Hey Guys 🙂

After seeing Tina and Naomi’s pancakes yesterday, I knew exactly what I would be having for breakfast this morning.  PANCAKES!!  I love when I’m able to take time on the weekend to make a breakfast I can sit down to enjoy, without having to run anywhere immediately afterwards.  Anyone who really knows me knows that this girl loves breakfast, no matter what time of the day it is! 

So, pancakes it was.  My pancake of choice today was blueberry and I decided to have a few egg whites on the side, for some extra protein.  My pancakes didn’t look nearly as pretty as Tina’s or Naomi’s, but they sure did taste good!  A cup of cinnamon swirl coffee completed the meal.  Although, I didn’t stop at just one cup.  Only two would do.  I’m surprised I didn’t start bouncing off the walls after that.



After breakfast and some procrastinating (I’m the Queen), it was off to the store.  I can’t lie.  I was DREADING the trip.  Sundays are such a bad day to go grocery shopping, in my neck of the woods.  Although, my store always seems to be packed, no matter the time or day.  Today’s trip actually wasn’t too bad besides the guy who almost ran me over in the parking lot. 

I made it out of the store, spending less than $100, which is great for me.  I’m trying to work on my finances in order to start saving.  I really haven’t been able to save in years.  That’s why I really appreciate Gina’s recent post about budgeting.  I’m definitely going to start implementing some of her tips into my own life!  Living alone, it’s sometimes hard to put some money away when there always seems to be something that needs to be taken care of.

After loading up my fridge, I ran over to my mom’s for a bit.  I had to pick up my laundry from yesterday, but also wanted to drop some things off for my brother and of course see my mom.  It was a quick visit and then I was back in my car, because my tummy was grumbling for lunch.  It was already 3:30 and the time had just gotten away from me.

Lunch was tuna with a twist.  I mixed my tuna with some Wholly Guacamole.  Anyone else ever try this?  It was a new (to me) product that I picked up at the store today.  It added an extra zing to the tuna and also a creamy texture.  I’d definitely buy this again!  I mixed some cabbage shreds into my tuna mixture and rounded out the meal with a juicy Cortland apple.  The tuna looks bland, but it so wasn’t!

Tuna with a Twist

Juicy Apple

My late lunch was followed by getting some stuff accomplished around the apartment.  Waiting so long between meals didn’t fair well for me.  An hour and a half after lunch, my stomach was speaking to me again.  I think it was saying something like “FEED MEEEEE!!!”  I can’t quite be sure though.  ;o)  Waiting too long between meals sometimes ends up in a binge, later in the day.  I knew to get started prepping dinner when the grumbles started.  I decided to try a new turkey burger recipe and made balsamic roasted broccoli on the side.  Tonight’s dinner was a winner!


It Practically Said "Eat Me"

Now, my belly is happy and I’m off to clean up the kitchen and prep my things for the week.  Why must it be Sunday night already?!?!  It’s all good, because now that I’m at my new job I know longer DREAD going into work anymore.  This is almost a vacation, compared to where I had been working.  So, no complaints from this girl. 🙂

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and I’ll catch ya tomorrow!


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